What we've been up to...

Well... we have done some experimenting:

As you might know for our first song we did everything by ourselves, meaning songwriting (of course) recording and mixing. Now mixing took us some awfully long time. When you're discovering the whole procedure and want to be careful you have to proceed by trial and error as well as searching for the right approach to do things. Initially we wanted to do the same for our second song.

We were mostly happy with the result but sometimes you have to admit when things aren't 100% and look for other ways to do what you want to do.

We came up with the idea to let the mix be handled by someone else to see if we could push the quality output a bit more and at the same time reduce the time for mixing.

So we decided to have somebody who knows their business do a remix of the song (a real soundguy -yay!) and the result was absolutely stunning.

Before we knew it we had Charles Stoltz from Holtz Sound remix both our songs.

It was a long seven months since the release of 'For what it's worth', and we've been very quiet because we had our heads stuck in the work at hand - but we believe that we have found the right way to do things and that we can now produce songs faster and in a better quality than before. Look forward to more updates on progress on our upcoming song codenamed 'Rosita' :), oh we're all very excited about this one....


Long time no see...

Hey hey hey, long time no see. Hope you had good summer. You might think we lost the password to our website-but we've actually been pretty busy (in between nappy changes, Caipirão guzzling, bbq's and travelling of course), more on that soon.

For now we're happy to announce that 'For What It's Worth' is featured on The Finest Noise Sampler vol 32. Check it out here.