The story behind The Duke Secrecy :

It all started in a blue room...

We were 4 very different people, at that time still learning how to play our instruments, when we started writing songs and rehearsing for concerts. Then we started recording on a 4 track recorder and over the years invested time and effort to have the ability to record at home and found it to be the best part. So we just kept on recording...

None of us are sound engineers and this is all trial and error and a little rough around the edges - but with some interesting results. We are really pleased with our first song, for what it's worth, and will be releasing more songs, one by one, in the future, right here.

Our thought process to start this website would be so that we could share our progress and our songs with you. No concerts are lined up yet, as we're focusing on writing and recording but will post regular updates.

All the best,
The DS.